Hi! I’m Franz Bruckhoff, a user experience designer and iOS app developer.

Taptanium started back in Jan 2009 with the mission to transform from an employed JavaScript & Java Ninja to an indie iPhone iOS app developer.

After developing a couple of (fortunately never released) apps, it didn’t take very long until I realized that software engineering alone wouldn’t cut it. So I studied user experience design and visual design, 2D and 3D graphics, sound design and a plethora of other things while working as a trainer for iOS app development to pay for my cozy cave, water and bread. And cat food. Just to get one thing right:

Delivering awesomeness.

After round about 3 years of study, Taptanium starts to become a reality. My first app Holographium has been released, and there’s some really cool new stuff in development.

  • arda colak

    your blog is really inspiring to create and develop sth awesome…I just want to share…Good luck…

  • Joe

    Please give us an option to disable the flash in Thunderspace and lock the screen when listening to it. Other wise I will ask for a refund.

    • Pasta Farian

      Yes, for the love of god. My wife doesn’t want the flash going off while she sleeps and if it can’t run in the background or run with the screen locked then what’s the point?!

      • Pasta Farian

        Got a reply just now from Franz. You can turn the flash off. Swipe left from catalogue screen and tap on lightning icon so it’s not solid but a white line outline. Hard to notice. i thought that by tapping that icon while it was playing I was triggering lighting strikes because the icon sends out a big ripple… ;P

        when the flash is turned off it run’s in the background too. Whoop!

        Thanks Franz for taking the time to get back to me. Killer app!

        • http://taptanium.com/ Franz

          Ha, we’ll certainly improve the tricky flash icon for the next update! Thanks for your feedback :)

  • http://denishch.tumblr.com Денис Щелконогов

    Thunderspace. On the iPhone 4S when you turn the application, on pause, it WARMS the iPhone!!! In statistics is written that the phone is in use!
    На iPhone 4S когда сворачиваешь приложение, на паузе, оно греет iPhone!!! В статистике пишется что телефон находится в режиме использования!

  • Dreamweaver

    Please make Thunderspace a Universal app. The flash isn’t necessary to enjoy the wonderful thunderstorms. Thanks!