To My Dear Competitors

Imagine we collaborate rather than compete. Imagine the synergy effects of helping each other rather than fighting each other. Imagine cross-promoting our work to the benefit of our customers. Imagine a better world where competition is for losers. Where people seek collaboration in pursuit of a common mission: To improve other people's lives.

Going Forward: Part 2

In part 1 I explained my mission to reduce stress in the world and positively impact the lives of more than one billion people. In part 2 I will discuss the future of Taptanium and how I aim to accomplish my ambitious mission in light of the current situation.

Move Slow to Move Faster

Right now Taptanium is moving so slow that a 3-legged mule would overtake it on the freeway. And the reason is that I opted to move slow, rather than fast, in order to move faster once I stop moving slow.

Top 3 Reasons To Compete

Spoiler alert: Competition is like an addictive, collectively enhanced drug that smells like popcorn and slowly carries you off.

Going Forward: Part 1

Impending superhuman machine intelligence, low cost robotics, optical processors with 1000-fold increased computational power and an impending wave of breakthroughs in quantum mechanics are going to fundamentally transform our jobs and lives.

Intelligent Learning Software

Suppose a team of great teachers, engineers, designers and producers met with a group of VCs to raise $100 million to revolutionize online education. What ideas might they bring up?

Lean Universal Apps

Customers love universal apps that run on both iPhone and iPad. Because universal apps bundle all iPhone and iPad resources together, they may require much more space. If your app is graphics-intensive like Windy, you’ll want to figure out how to reduce its bursting download size