Top 3 Reasons To Compete

  1. Don’t.

Competition is like an addictive, collectively enhanced drug that smells like popcorn and slowly carries you off.

Competition means doing something others are doing, because what they’re doing seems worth doing. So you enter the same market with the same offering, fishing for the same fish in the same pond, using an equal fishing rod, just to find out there is not enough fish to catch for everyone. Eventually your once so successful looking competition starts to show signs of weakness. The drug that drew them there grinds on their revenue stream. Soon they go out of business, and you take over their spot with malicious pleasure. Only to find out shortly afterwards that for everyone who leaves the pond, two new ones join to cast their fishing rods, making it increasingly harder for everyone on the scene to catch fish.

Competition means walking the desire path to find food. It means not going out of your way to find new pastures for you and your followers. It means going where everyone else is going, and doing what everyone else is doing, to catch what everyone else tries to catch.

And the catch is, that competition is the opposite of collaboration, and that collaboration is the prerequisite for success. The opposite action of collaborating is fighting. Tony Stark once said that peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy. If you compete, your stick is just as long as everyone else’s. A hundred competitors surrounding a table with 10 glasses of water in the hot desert will fiercely fight to have a sip. In the end, the table will fall over and the water will seep away. Everyone will lose.

Competition means gravity. Like a gravitational singularity, a point in space that is so infinitely dense that it attracts and crushes your mind. It drags you down. And before you know it, you put in more effort to stay afloat than to create value for the world.

Competition is destructive. As you cause your competitors to worry more about competing with you, and they, plus new ones, return you the favor, everyone wastes a lot of energy on staying in business rather than creating value.

Competition is the opposite of innovation. Because when you innovate, you don’t compete. You simply create something new which is of so much greater value that you don’t have to fight at all to catch some fish. You beam the fish out of the pond from far away, replicate it a thousand times, and then beam it on everyone’s plates. Fried and spiced with garnish. You create additional value for the world in a way that is hard to replicate. Innovation means greatly improving on the status quo.

Thus, the notion that competition is great for society is a quite flawed one indeed.

Says the guy who creates relaxation apps…

Yes, I’m guilty of creating a bunch of pretty great relaxation apps. And yes, there are thousands of other pretty great relaxation apps already, and new ones are coming on the market every day. But no, what you see through the surface is not what’s beneath it. My vision for Taptanium is several orders of magnitude larger than the small pond feeding the relaxation app developers on the market today.

If you happen to be in the sleep, relaxation or meditation space, I don’t want to compete with you. Instead, I want to collaborate with you.